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Consider selling your phone online if you have an outdated phone laying around or if you’re ready to upgrade but aren’t qualified for a trade-in.

In this piece, I’ll examine Swappa in more detail. If you want to sell your used electronics to a buyer directly, this website can be a fantastic solution. To see how Swappa stacks up against other well-known websites for buying and selling secondhand phones, I looked at a number of them.

Swappa Mobile Phone Exchange

Swappa provides some of the best profits in comparison to other organisations that acquire secondhand phones. This is so that you may engage with potential purchasers and set your own asking price.

However, there is a downside to that: Since you’re selling directly, you can only showcase technology that is completely functional and has only minor visual flaws.

Swappa is largely regarded as being secure and reliable. The Better Business Bureau has granted the business accreditation. Swappa has a B rating as of March 2022 with an average rating of 4.59 stars out of 5 based on around 600 customer reviews. With more than 17,000 reviews and a 4.8 out of 5 star average, Swappa has a “Excellent” ranking on Trustpilot.

What Is Swappa?

Swappa was established in 2010 with the intention of improving the buying and selling of high-quality pre-owned mobile devices.

It’s a “user-to-user marketplace for gently used technology,” the company’s website claims.

In essence, it’s a method for you to sell your phone (or tablet) directly to a buyer looking to buy a used item online.

Swappa eliminates the middleman with its user-to-user strategy, in contrast to a number of other businesses that buy secondhand mobile phones. You can advertise and sell your phone for a price that is closer to what it is actually worth rather than selling it to a business that would flip it for profit. Swappa doesn’t charge sellers any fees, so it’s an excellent location to optimise your returns.

PayPal is a platform used by buyers and sellers that offers security features to keep everyone safe. The Swappa website also claims that you will get paid before shipping.

How To Sell Your Phone on Swappa

There are a few things you can do to speed up the selling process if you’re prepared to sell your phone on Swappa. Follow these procedures prior to creating an account or a listing on Swappa:

If you don’t have a PayPal account, get one now.
Bring the phone you are selling along.

Verify the functionality of the phone’s buttons, connectors, backlight, and batteries. The technology ought to work flawlessly.

Verify that there is no water damage or broken glass.
The phone has been factory reset and is now ready for activation.


Swappa provides a nice list of resources on how to reset almost any smartphone if you’re unsure how to proceed.

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Be aware that a phone that has been reported lost or stolen or that hasn’t been fully paid for cannot be sold.

When you have finished the aforementioned process, you are prepared to list your phone on Swappa.

Getting Started

Visit the Swappa website and select “Sell with Swappa” to get going.

You can search for a specific phone from this point or browse through popular iPhone and Android devices. Even before creating an account, you may view the average price that each device is selling for on this page. This might be a terrific approach to determine the price at which you should market your phone and the expected profit.

After locating the item you wish to sell, you must register in order to publish your listing. You can create an account using your name and email address, Facebook, PayPal, Yahoo, or another service.

Creating a Listing

Once you have logged in, you may build your listing and choose the carrier that your phone is registered with. In order to receive money, you must first connect your PayPal account. After that, you can add further information about the item you’re selling.

Additionally, you must enter your asking price. Before you post your listing, you’ll be able to view the final price that Swappa has assigned for the buyer to pay.

You will be able to view the lowest currently posted price for your gadget as well as the most recent sale price based on the information you’ve provided. You can use these figures to really focus in on your asking price.

However, it’s crucial that you spend some time looking for a few used phones with the same model and condition on Swappa and other online marketplaces. Be sure to factor in the cost of shipping as well and put it in your asking price.

You will be requested to describe any damage the phone may have before submitting your listing. Swappa’s blog offers advice on how to maximise customer satisfaction, so be truthful about the state of your phone. Any flaw, no matter how minor, should be fully disclosed to prevent a customer from returning the product.

The ESN/serial number for your phone, the country from which you’re shipping the item, a headline, and a thorough description of the item are all required. Click “Publish” when you are ready.

Adding Verification Photos and Publishing Your Listing

Before your listing appears on Swappa, you must check it after clicking “Publish.” You’ll see a special listing code as soon as you create your listing. Take a picture of your listing code next to the item you’re selling after writing it down on a piece of paper. Swappa uses this method, among others, to confirm listings before they are really published.

Following Are Some Pointers for Taking Verification Photos:

The image should show the complete phone as well as the entire code. They ought to be next to one another, not overlapping.

The phone’s screen should be on in the shot unless you’re selling a brand-new device that hasn’t been taken out of the box.

You must take numerous shots of the phone from all sides if you’re advertising it in “mint condition.”
You just need a photo of the box with the verification code if the phone you’re selling is still in it.

The verification photo shouldn’t contain information about your phone’s secret ESN or serial number.
Include images of the additional things in the description if you’re including them, such as cell phone accessories.

Take as many images as you can while maintaining decent lighting (try outside or next to a window).
Click “Request Review” after you’ve provided your verification photo(s), and after a Swappa employee has verified it, your listing will be displayed.

For seven days, your listing will be visible. You can extend it for an additional week if your item doesn’t sell throughout this period. To improve your chances of finding a buyer, you may also share your listing on social media websites.

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Receive Payment and Ship Your Phone

Hopefully, after your post becomes up, offers will start to come in. People can request more information or make a lower offer than the one you’ve published. Of course, it is entirely up to you whether you accept or reject these offers. Just be aware that your listing will be changed to reflect the new offer if you accept a lesser price.


Buyers must use PayPal to pay you at the moment of the transaction. You will have two days to mail your item to the buyer after you receive notification that your phone has sold and payment. It’s crucial to constantly verify your listing after it goes live for this reason.

Any courier is acceptable as long as a tracking number is supplied when shipping a phone. When in into your Swappa account, you may view your recently sold listings by going to the “Sales” tab. Once you have located the listing, you can add the tracking number by clicking “Add Shipment.” Once the product is shipped-ready, you can add pictures of it.

What Is Swappa Local?

You might think about listing your phone on Swappa Local in addition to the Swappa website. You might be able to advertise your equipment here to find a local buyer and avoid shipping costs if you reside in one of the 43 cities that have implemented Swappa Local.

Swappa Local makes face-to-face meets for same-day pickup possible while still providing the same verification and payment safety. This can be a simple option to sell your phone to a local person who urgently needs it.

Simply select the option to advertise your gadget on Swappa Local when creating a listing, and then pick a secure meeting location for local pickup. As a seller, you will continue to save money.

Visit this blog post on the business’ website for further details on Swappa Local, including a list of locations where it is now accessible.

The Best Place to Sell Your Phone Is Swappa, Right?

The ideal method for determining where to sell your cell phone is to gather prices from a few different locations and select the option that will bring in the most money.

I made an attempt at this by obtaining prices from seven various used phone buying organisations. I researched prices for an unlocked, 64GB iPhone X in fair condition. Here’s what I discovered:

BuyBackWorld $126
Decluttr $160
ecoATM $65
Gizmogul $116
Backflip $125*
Gazelle $164
Swappa $262

Generally speaking, Swappa has the best deals to be had. Of course, just because this is the typical price doesn’t mean you will always earn that amount. Swappa, unlike other services, is unable to provide a precise quote because you will be selling to a buyer directly based on the price you establish.

Other businesses could provide more payment options, but Swappa only accepts PayPal. Depending on how you look at it, this could either be advantageous or disadvantageous. If you don’t already have one, you will need to open a PayPal account in order to be protected.

Swappa appears to be a lot safer than other organisations that acquire secondhand phones, especially given its buyer-to-buyer platform.

For these reasons, I believe using Swappa to sell your cell phone is an excellent idea. To check if you can sell your phone for your desired price, you can always create a listing here first. In that case, you can contrast lower offers with the prices you receive from rival websites.

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How to Sell Your Phone on Swappa: Some Tips

Here are some suggestions to bear in mind if you’re considering selling your phone on Swappa to maximise the profit from the transaction:

In your listing, be truthful, accurate, and comprehensive. Make sure you’re truthful and thorough when describing the state of your phone in your initial listing. No of how much you charge for the phone, you won’t be able to refuse a return if the item isn’t what was promised. It’s crucial to be detailed and include as many distinct images as you can because of this.

In Swappa Local, post. Allow your post to be listed on Swappa Local if it is available where you live. This may be a fantastic strategy to find a buyer more quickly. You won’t have to bother about shipping and can choose a place for same-day pickup.

Based on what others are paying, set the price of your phone. It’s best to compare the prices of similar models and conditions of phones being sold on Swappa and other online marketplaces when determining how much to charge for your phone.

Remember that any shipping costs will be your responsibility; thus, be sure to factor them into your asking price.

Also take into account how this will effect the overall cost since a tiny sales fee will be tacked on to the asking price that the buyer will pay.
Regularly check your listing. You will only have two days after making your phone purchase to supply a shipment tracking number.

Additionally, you don’t want to pass up on any potential purchasers who have follow-up inquiries or strong bids. Don’t be scared to reject smaller offers, though. Keep in mind that your listing will be altered and anyone will be able to buy your phone at the new price as soon as you accept a lesser offer.

Download Swappa

for Android users

For IOS users

Final Thoughts

In the end, Swappa is an excellent option if you’re thinking about selling your phone or any other used equipment that is still in good working order. Swappa prides itself on seller and buyer safety and boasts some of the highest returns for secondhand phones.

Make sure to set up a PayPal account, factory reset the phone you’re selling, and have it close by so you can take photos for verification and receive the ESN/serial number. If you live in an area where Swappa Local is available, don’t forget to publish your listing there as well.

Once your listing has been created and published, return frequently to respond to potential purchasers. You should ship your phone as soon as possible if it sells. You must add another week to the listing if it hasn’t sold after seven days. When someone does buy your phone, you’ll get paid right away using PayPal.

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