Police killed four accused in rape and murder of female doctor in Hyderabad

News Desk. Big news has come this morning, the police have killed the encounter of all the 4 accused who committed rape and murder with a female doctor in Hyderabad, Telangana on 27 November. This is the first such case in the country after the encounter on Friday morning in which such a case has come to light.
According to reputed news agency ANI, this encounter was carried out at 3 am in this morning in which all the accused have died. At the same time, the police claim that all these accused were trying to escape and during this period all the accused have been killed in the firing by the police. It is being told that after filing the chargesheet in the court, these four accused were taken to the scene to investigate the ‘scene of crime’. But one of them accused the policeman’s weapon and tried to run away. Police officials said that if this accused had escaped, a big ruckus would have arisen, so the police had no other way and all the four accused were killed in the counter-firing. It is believed that the police commissioner can hold full information about the matter. Significantly, on November 28, these four accused whose age was between 20 and 26 years.
The lady doctor was seen scooty parked at the toll booth. It is alleged that these people deliberately punched her. After this, on the pretext of helping, he gangraped him at a deserted place and later put petrol and set it on fire. After which the victim was killed. According to the police, these people had also drunk alcohol before the incident.

Encounter near National Highway 44
It happened late Thursday near Encounter National Highway-44. Police had taken the accused on NH-44 to get the crime scene recanted. Let me tell you that on the intervening night of 27-28 November, a incident of cruelty was carried out with a female doctor in Hyderabad. The burnt body of a female doctor was found near the underpass on the Bangalore Hyderabad National Highway.

The accused were in police custody
The police arrested four accused in this case. The police produced the accused in the court, from where they were sent to judicial custody for 14 days. After which the Hyderabad police demanded custody, the accused were sent to the police custody for 7 days. The police had taken the accused to get the scene recanted. During this, all four accused were killed in a police encounter.

There was a demand to punish the Havans across the country
After the incident, the opposition also tried to surround the Modi government from all sides. The government also had to answer in the House here. At the same time, people took to the streets in Delhi, even the chairperson of the Delhi Women’s Commission has continued the fast. At the same time, the father of the female doctor said that the culprits should be punished as soon as possible.

There was tremendous demand on social media
After this case, there was an anger among the people in the country. People were demanding the punishment of the accused in different ways, which was outside the scope of the law. From Facebook, Twitter to Instagram, people have been raising voices for the victim. Even with Nirbhaya, a moving bus in Delhi, remembering the incident, efforts were made to present all the examples to the government. Nirbhaya’s mother also raised voice in this matter.