GD Goenka School connects children with Indian culture, Deputy Chief Minister Dr Dinesh Sharma praised for completing ten years

On 3rd of April,2021, GD Goenka celebrates its 10th Anniversary. It was a time to reflect on the school’s past and those who have helped to shape who we are, and to acknowledge the members of GD Goenka, both past and present, who have influenced the character and the values that embody the vibrant, engaging and safe environment we see today. It was an opportunity to laugh, cry, remember, and to praise the memories of this wonderful school.

It is not every day you turn 10 and it is such a symbolic time, whereby you will become more clearly defined. The character begins to take shape. It is no different for a school with tradition, culture and values becoming ensconced into our future being and on this occasion our guest of honor is “Deputy ChiefMinister of Uttar Pradesh Dr Dinesh Sharma” who has shared his words of wisdom and praised our chairman Mr Sarvesh Goel of not only giving the quality education but also inculcating the good values in students.

On this occasion, he also discussed the new education policy. The Deputy Chief Minister said that special emphasis has been laid on the all-round development of children in the new National Education Policy. The focus has been on such employment oriented education so that children can get employment while studying. Ethics needs to be developed from the very beginning in children and family and school play a very important role in this.

He said that in the new education policy, special emphasis has been laid on employment-oriented education, research, professional courses, training of teachers. On this occasion, Dr. Sharma also expressed his views on the social problems of the country and the world.

The Deputy Chief Minister said that teacher education will have to be more important than building in the education system. If the quality of a teacher is lacking then the future of thousands of students will be spoiled. Along with this, there is a need to provide regular training to teachers. Teachers should be craving for continuous learning.

On this occasion of joy and success, the Chairman of the school, Mr. Sarvesh Goel, thanked all those associated with GD Goenka School, teachers and the Principal of the school, Ms. Raveen Pande for this success of the school. He said that when he laid the foundation of the school, his only aim was to provide such education to the students where they could be prepared for the challenges of the future, and also to connect them with family values.

In his words, his aim was never to increase the number of students in the school, but he always emphasized on the education which connects students with their culture and values. According to Mr. Goel, a student meets about 10,000 people throughout his life, and influences them, so the responsibility of the school is further increased to provide his students the platform for holistic development. While celebrating this achievement, he said that the school will continue to work in the field of good education in the future.

The chairman of GD Goenka Public school, Mr Sarvesh Goel, said in his speech the most inspiring quote “Education is not preparation of life, education is life itself—by John Dewey. Further, he again made his vision clear of imparting quality education only not on the number of admission. On this event the Principal of the school, Mrs Raveen Pande addressed  the people with her motivating words. Under her apt guidance, rigrous efforts and dedication the school has acheived  great success and awards.

To make the occasion more memorable and entertaining, some fun games were also played for the teachers and staff and gifts were also given to the winners. The ceremony concluded with a lunch for all attendees.

These happy moments spent together inspire and energize us to move forward in the same way and encourage us to work with full dedication and dedication for the development of students and provide them a rich and strong environment of learning.